Poster Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions:

For common questions regarding poster installation and care, please click here.

Prior to Placement:

Our peel & stick fabric posters are designed to stick on smooth, dry, and clean surfaces. Even though your walls may be spotless, it is a good idea to run a damp cloth over them to clean up any unseen dust or dirt. Wait until the wall is completely dry before applying the product.

Tools Needed:

Pencil, level, squeegee (or some type of card, ie. credit card, gift card, club card)


Plan out how you want your fabric posters arranged on the wall, especially if you are hanging multiple posters. If it helps, have a rough layout of your posters sketched out on a piece of paper next to you for reference.

The easiest way to hang the posters is to start with your center one and move out from there. With the pencil, mark a light dot on the wall where you want the top of the poster to hang.

Use a level (standard or laser) to mark two more dots on the wall, on either side of your original dot. This will give you a line of dots that you can easily line up with the edge of your poster.

Using the dots as a guide, stick the top of the poster to the wall. From top down, slowly and gently smooth the rest of the poster into place. If it helps, don’t remove the entire backing when you first start. Instead, remove only the top, and peel it off slowly from the top down. If this step is confusing, our video tutorial should help a lot.

Once you are happy with the poster’s placement, use your squeegee or card to work from the middle outward to remove any air bubbles. Be careful not to press too hard, though, as it may scratch the poster.

If you only have one poster, step back and admire your work because you’re done! If you have other posters to hang, repeat steps 2-5 making sure to give ample space between each of your prints. Be sure to refer back to your sketched layout to make sure you stick to your design.


If you mess up, simply peel the poster off of the wall slowly at a 45 degree angle, and start over again. If you want to remove the poster permanently, it should peel right off. If you happened to stick it onto a non-porous surface such as glass, use a blow-dryer on low heat to release the adhesive and make it easier to remove. If you are planning on saving your poster for future use, simply stick it back onto the backing it came with.