About Us

SnapBox launched in 2012 as a subsidiary of JONDO, with the mission of bringing its decades of experience in fine art reproduction, directly to consumers. JONDO began in 1989 as Harvest Productions in the three car garage of John S. Doe’s Anaheim Hills home. At that time it utilized state of the art IRIS technology to reproduce artists’ watercolor paintings. Harvest led the industry with innovations that set the bar for the highest quality reproductions and gave birth to the photo giclée art form.

The SnapBox brand grew in direct response to how fewer people were actually printing their photos even though the quantity of photos being taken on mobile phones was rapidly increasing. Already producing the highest quality products, SnapBox focused on creating a simple online ordering process backed by an aggressive turnaround time. All products are regionally manufactured, upholding SnapBox’s belief in supporting local U.S. economies in an environmentally responsible manner.

What started in a garage over two decades ago is now an international brand with three domestic locations and two international locations in England and Mexico. The company remains privately owned under the Doe family and continues to uphold the highest standards in every product that is made.

SnapBox is rapidly changing to offer the latest innovations in personalized imagery. Our products are designed in-house by people who use our products in their own homes and offices. Our intent is to empower you in your effort to create your own environment. Think positive. Be creative. Make a statement. Show what you love.

– John Doe, Owner